Whether you have an area of complex grade changes or a flat terrain, introducing hardscape elements such as native natural stone, brick, or architecture can add to your outdoor living space.

The design possibilities are endless.

You may have a spectacular view with limited access. With creative use of stone or brick, you may find a winding path of stairs or steps that bring you upon an unexpected contemplative spot, or a welcoming patio that takes advantage of an otherwise unseen view.

Terracing the hillside may be a necessity to creating access on a hilly terrain, but it can also create interest and transition to a garden with normally low grade changes. This can be accomplished through a process of recontouring and reshaping the topography.

The use of architectural elements such as pergolas, trellises, and gazebos can bring dimension to an otherwise vast uninteresting space. These elements often succeed in bringing the architecture of the home in proportion with the outdoor garden space, making it a warm and inviting area.

When working with functional, or aesthetic needs, Lance Abts, owner/designer can guide you through the process of introducing the right hardscape elements to your garden design that will compliment your taste and reflect your lifestyle.