Company Profile

Our History

Landscape Artisans has been a member of Green Bay, and the surrounding community since 1992. Starting from modest beginnings with a strong belief in a "hands-on" approach from design to completion, Landscape Artisans has become a prominent landscape design firm in Northeast Wisconsin.

Lance Abts, owner of Landscape Artisans, attributes this success to the good fortune of having very little turnover in a typically transient industry. Having reliable, experienced employees, most of whom have been on board since the start up, has allowed exceptional training much as an artisan would train their apprentice. This level of training and experience allows the owner/designer to work more closely with his clients and focus on the details of fine garden design that might otherwise be missed.

Our Services

  • Landscape Architectural Planning
  • Fine Garden Design
  • Site Analysis & Evaluation
  • Retaining Walls & Terrace Construction
  • Patio Installation
  • Night Lighting Design
  • Pond & Water Design & Construction
  • Landscape Management

Our Landscape Artisans Leaders

Lance Abts Owner / Designer

Lance Abts Photo

As the owner of Landscape Artisans, Lance brings over 24 years of design, horticultural knowledge and experience to a successful and thriving business. His designs not only offer a distinctive creative style, but his knowledge and experience will address the technical needs of a challenging landscape as well. Lance believes in a "hands on" approach to each and every project. By doing so, he is able to utilize creative license, make necessary changes and oversee all aspects of his design or address questions or concerns of his clients.

Mike McCollian Landscape Construction Planner

Mike McCollian Photo

Mike joined Landscape Artisans in 1994 as a Construction Foreman. In 2005 he became our Project Manager on the Landscape Construction side. With his many years of experience and attention to detail, he is already proven invaluable in the estimating and planning areas of our construction projects. With extensive experience in all areas of hardscape he is able to utilize this knowledge to plan the most efficiency into even the most complex of projects.

Jeff Brauer Landscape Construction Superintendent

Jeff Brauer Photo

Jeff is the mainstay of the construction side of our business. All landscape construction implementation relies on his leadership for direction. Jeff has been with our company since our first season in 1992. Prior to joining Landscape Artisans he worked in the landscape field for 7 years. We are happy to have his broad experience. Jeff is in charge of all construction and yard crews. His main focus and responsibility is quality control. He is familiar with all projects and schedules, and will visit each site throughout the installation process, answer questions, and assure the highest quality.

Elizabeth Abts Managing Partner & Designer

Elizabeth Abts Photo

Elizabeth started with Landscape Artisans in 2006. Starting as a laborer and advancing into a foreman position for Landscape Artisans for the next nine years, Liz has now made the move to a management - owner role in the company. Along with her vast experience and dedication to the proper care and maintenance of plant material, she has accepted the challenges of acquiring knowledge and experience in the construction, installation side of landscaping as well as business knowledge. We are excited and happy to have her on the management level of our company.

Victor Hernandez Construction Crew Foreman

Victor Hernandez Photo

Victor has been a foreman with us since 2004. As in a true artisan tradition, Victor gained his experience and craftsmanship side by side with accomplished workers and equally true to a craftsman, his meticulous precision and efficiency are contagious to those who train and work with him. Over the years, his abilities have sharpened and grown to accomplish many of our larger hardscape projects with awe inspiring results.

Jesse Smith Construction Crew Foreman

Jesse Smith Photo

Jesse has been with Landscape Artisans since 2002. Jesse came on board with previous construction and heavy equipment experience. He specializes in detail woodworking. As well as the ability to work with a variety of natural stone and pavers . His attention to detail and versatile abilities give him the edge in doing what is needed to get the job done with the quality our customers have come to expect. His personable, friendly nature makes him easy to approach by clients and an exceptional leader to his crew.

Eduardo Rios Construction Crew Foreman

Eduardo Rios Photo

Eduardo has been with Landscape Artisans since 2005. In that time, he has worked side by side with our most experienced installers of stone, brick surfaces mastering his technique and abilities. He has proven his ability in quality installations, and attention to detail. A great addition to our landscape construction leadership team.

Taylor Abts Construction Crew Foreman

Taylor Abts Photo

Taylor started with Landscape Artisans in 2007. Starting as a laborer, Taylor quickly earned a Foreman position with his hard work and dedication to the preparation and installation of plant material. Taylor’s interest and versatility allows our company the flexibility to alter, repair and install many additional elements to the softscape scene such as night lighting or irrigation. He is cheerful to our clients and helpful in answering any client questions.  He is a valuable asset as one of our Construction Softscape Foremen.

Eddie Randall Construction Crew Foreman

Eddie Randall Photo

Eddie joined Landscape Artisans in 2014. From the day he started, Eddie was all about a  positive  "can-do" attitude and quickly earned a foreman position. With his hard work and willingness to pitch in and get the job done, he is consistently learning and earning compliments as he continues to grow with our team. We are happy to have his dedication and enthusiasm leading our crew in the construction planting of new landscapes.

Lisa Stubbe Landscape Management Sales Manager

Lisa Stubbe Photo

Lisa started with Landscape Artisans in 1999.

For many years, Lisa led our Landscape Maintenance division. Her exceptional leadership stimulated our landscape maintenance department to grow quickly. During her years with us, she has proven herself invaluable in all aspects of landscape management and care. Lisa holds a Bachelors degree in Botany from UW Stevens Point, an Associate degree in Horticulture from MATC and is a certified arborist and pesticide applicator. We are very fortunate to utilize not only her vast education, but widespread experience in the field.

Lisa is a go-getter and a member of a number of professional trade organizations such as

  • International Society of Arboriculture
  • Wisconsin Arborist Association
  • Green Bay Botanical Garden
  • Botanical Club of Wisconsin
  • American Horticulture Society of Wisconsin

She now employs her interest and experience with our company as our Landscape Management Sales Manager. She meets with clients, regularly visits maintenance sites, communicates client concerns and site needs to our Landscape Maintenance Superintendent and assures the quality of our landscape maintenance services.

Travis McFall Maintenance Department Superintendent

Travis McFall Photo

Travis started with Landscape Artisans in 2016. Travis joined us with an Associate degree in Horticulture, 12 years experience as an Arborist and 10 years experience as a leader in Wisconsin National Guard. From his first day as a Superintendent in a new company, Travis has shown a driven and self motivated attitude to succeed in this new position. He demonstrates a natural leadership with horticultural experience and knowledge that proves him a great addition to our Landscape Management team.

Felipa Santiago Maintenance Crew Foreman

Felipa Santiago Photo

Felipa has been with Landscape Artisans since May of 1999. She has a natural ability and a great work ethic which shows in her work. She is highly skilled in pruning and seasonal annual installation. Her fluency in both English and Spanish and has been an invaluable asset to our company as well. With her experience and skills, she is able to manage a crew efficiently and professionally.

Jesse Denny Mowing Crew Foreman

Jesse Denny Photo

Jesse joined Landscape Artisans in 2013 and demonstrated a very positive and efficient approach to his mowing position. His ability to complete the job with pride and customer service in mind earned him the foreman position early on. He is very easy to approach by fellow workers and clientele and is a valuable addition to our mowing crew.